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Personal Injury Rehab

Personal Injury RehabPersonal injuries can be the cause of any type of personal incident, as severe as an automobile accident or as mild as a slip and fall in the home. Personal injury could occur at any place and at any time, without restriction to the type of injury a person can receive. Some of the common personal incidents that can cause injury include knee injuries, ankle injuries, slips and falls, shoulder injuries, spinal cord injury, brain injury and many other types of incidents. In each one of these cases, Bloor Dufferin Rehabiliatation Centre can provide the type of solid personal injury rehab to assist with the physical rehabilitation of an individual.

Such incidents will usually take their toll on an individual and their immediate family depending on the severity of the situation. For those afflicted by the most severe of such incidents, the role of Bloor Dufferin Rehabiliatation Centre comes after personal injury lawyers and other parties are finished with their assessments and legal battles surrounding the circumstances. It is a commitment that our facility makes towards rebuilding an individual’s health, physical, mental and psychological, in an effort to return them to regular daily life. In many cases, these types of injuries are results of vehicle related injuries or sports related activities.

Foot injury therapyHowever, personal injuries are not limited to these major incidents, but are in fact result from other simple incidents such as contracting a disease that affects nervous systems and mobility. For such cases, the patients are put through a personal injury rehab program to help them re-learn their mobility and accessibility. The difference between all of these cases is that Bloor Dufferin Rehabiliatation Centre looks at each one of these as a completely separate case, providing each patient with their own customized treatment that best suits their situation and medical history.

In each case, the team of professionals at Bloor Dufferin Rehabiliatation Centre takes into account the varying period of time that a patient needs for a full recovery. Each case and each type of injury carries its own challenges to personal injury rehab applications, and it is critical to our staff that patients work towards their ultimate goal of recovery rather than completing a rehab program as quickly as possible. No matter what we do, the results are always positive, and we help patients regain their quality of life each day. It is these accomplishments that drive our team to work diligently with all of our patients and pay special attention to their physical, emotional and psychological needs along the way.