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Elbow Injuries

Elbow InjuriesAcute and chronic overuse of the elbows can result in elbow injuries in students, athletes and average individuals at any point in time. As the public embraces athletics and amateur sports more frequently across the country, the Greater Toronto Area grows more and more each year with people who participate in organized activities that result in multiple sports injuries to different areas of their bodies. The expansion of such activities has seen a surge in sports injuries and elbow related problems at the Bloor Dufferin Rehabilitation Centre and many other facilities across Toronto and the rest of the region.

Some sports activities such as golf and tennis demand a greater performance from repeated action in the elbow region, and these actions are generally concentrated on only one of the two elbows. People either choose and use their right or left elbow, resulting in excessive use in one of them, which eventually results in tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, students elbow or other causes of elbow injuries. Bloor Dufferin Rehabilitation Centre can begin treating these injuries and repairing the damage caused by the overuse of these muscles, and help you regenerate the areas affected the most.

Dealing with Elbow InjuriesSome people experience hyperextension injury in the elbow that occurs when the muscles are bent back in the wrong direction. This type of elbow injury will occur more frequently in contact sports than most other single man sports, and the effectiveness of such an affliction will be more severe. Your recovery from these types of injuries will involve the occupational therapists, physiotherapists and massage therapists at Bloor Dufferin Rehabilitation Centre who will provide one of the top care and therapy programs across the Greater Toronto Area. Athletes from all over Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Woodbridge, Etobicoke, Toronto, North York and Scarborough visit our centre on a regular basis to receive the type of massage therapy and physiotherapy that helps maintain their muscle mobility. Aside from any sports related injury, the average person is prone to elbow injuries from less common soft-tissue problems that could result in a number of chronic conditions. In these cases, the nerves and soft tissues of the elbow can result in some severe afflictions as a result of weak anatomy. Elbow dislocations are also considered a major culprit of an elbow injury, causing damage in the joints and tissue of the region. We strongly believe that with our compliment of experts it will easy for you to regain full functionality of your elbow and heal your injuries with long-term success.